Saturday, November 01, 2014
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New Business for Chippewa County?

Photographed above left to right: Ron Bolliat, Chief Development Officer-Sweetwater Energy, Lauren Eichelberg,Quality Assurance/Quality Control-Sweetwater Energy, and Brian Milliken, CCEDC Site Visit Team- Bank Mutual touring the Sweetwater Energy facility in Rochester, NY

The Chippewa County Economic Development Corporation (CCEDC) Site Visit Team traveled to Rochester, NY to visit and learn about Sweetwater Energy, a company that is interested in expanding operations to Chippewa County. The CCEDC site visit team met with representatives from Sweetwater to discuss the advantages of doing business in Chippewa County. Sweetwater Energy has been working with the City of Stanley to purchase and expand their business in the Stanley Business Park. At this site Sweetwater will use a unique technology to produce concentrated sugars from multiple non-food plant materials. These biofuels will be used to supply the world’s increasing bioenergy and biochemical demand. The company uses patent-pending technology to produce sugars from several types of biomass- from agricultural residues to harvested wood- in a way that is more economical than the industry can currently provide.


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