Tuesday, January 27, 2015
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CCEDC Networking Leadership Event to Discuss Transportation Funding

CCEDC will be hosting a Wisconsin Transportation Investment Coalition's (TIC) leader, John Gard, during a Networking Leadership event to discuss funding options for Wisconsin transporation infrastructure. Wisconsin’s transportation network is funded primary through state revenue, federal revenue, and bonds. Federal funding is derived from the Highway Trust Fund, which includes a Highway Account and a Transit Account. The Federal Highway Trust Fund is only solvent through May 2015, at which time there will be an insufficient balance to fully reimburse states for Highway projects.

Wisconsin’s portion of the state transportation budget is primarily supported through motor fuel taxes and vehicle registration fees. Collectively they make up 85% of the budget. With dramatically improved vehicle efficiencies and stagnant registration fees- Wisconsin’s revenue sources have not grown naturally and cannot sustain the transportation system.

Without needed investments- Wisconsin’s ability to create and retain jobs, will be at risk. Important projects will be delayed, needed rehabilitation will be deferred, and maintenance will be postponed. Our economic future depends on a reliable, well-maintained transportation network that cannot be met through current funding levels. All drivers, businesses, and local units of government share a vested interest in finding a long-term funding solution for Wisconsin's transportation network.

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