Wednesday, October 22, 2014
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Bloomer Plastics to double in size


October 21, 2014 • THE CHIPPEWA HERALD

Bloomer Plastics, Inc., announced Monday that it has acquired Optimum Plastics, a move that is expected to nearly double its workforce and revenue.

The Bloomer Company, which is privately owned by management and Huron Capital Partners, is a leading producer of custom engineered cast embossed films for industrial, medical and packaging markets. Optimum Plastics had been based in Delaware, Ohio, and ideally complements Bloomer Plastics in that it has been a pioneer in high barrier coextruded blown films.

“We’re proud to welcome Optimum into the Bloomer Plastics family. Bob Clemons and his team have assembled the finest set of multi-layer high barrier film assets in the stand-alone film market,” said Kevin Keneally, President and CEO of Bloomer Plastics.

“Their leadership position in custom engineered nine-layer nylon co-extrusions is unmatched. We look forward to continuing their investment in state-of-the-art technologies,” he said.

The move brings Bloomer Plastics’ workforce to more than 140 employees, with more than half of that number at the original location in Bloomer. Keneally said the acquisition will also result in more jobs being added over time.

“We’re pleased to join forces with the Bloomer Plastics team. After 20 years of successful business operations, we are convinced that a merger with Bloomer will carry new opportunities for our employees, customers and partners,” said Robert Clemons, President and CEO of Optimum. “The team at Bloomer holds the right resources and talents to bring our business to the next level of performance.”

Bloomer Plastics was founded in 1971 by Don West to manufacture custom converted and embossed film. In four decades it has been so successful at its mission that it now has an 80,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Bloomer, and now also has a large footprint in Ohio.



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