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The Certified in Wisconsin shovel ready program pre-certifies industrial sites as development ready. By certifying that sites meet common basic development requirements, it provides comfort to potential buyers looking to build quickly. Once a site is certified, all of the information a developer needs to make a quick decision, including utility and transportation infrastructure, environmental assessments and quality of labor, is provided, thus reducing the risk, cost, and time to get a project completed.    

The Lake Wissota Business Park, a 200+ acre, mixed use business park, in Chippewa Falls, WI.  Lake Wissota Business Park is a State of Wisconsin Certified Shovel Ready Business Park - shovel ready certification can decrease construction time up to 8 months on a project, and insures the customer that the site is ready and available for development.   

Click here to download the Lake Wissota Business Park flyer ad map of available locations 

LWBP Map 2017