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As the County's only full-time professionally staffed organization solely committed to the economic development of the area, the CCEDC recruits businesses, developers, and retailers, communicates incentives, analyzes markets, demographics, and customer trends; CCEDC also collaborates with stakeholders, provides leadership to coordinate and oversee positive development. We provide first stage companies that are on the verge of becoming second stage companies with networking, roundtable, peer-to-peer interactions- topics covered include company culture, personnel decisions, customers, direction of the organization, marketing, product development, succession planning & finances.

The CCEDC's professional expertise in managing economic development programs helps attract, retain, and expand business, connects communities and businesses with economic development resources. CCEDC maintains and markets an inventory of sites and buildings available for development within Chippewa County and carries on other vital strategies that improve the economic well-being of the area. CCEDC is the primary catalyst for economic development in Chippewa County. 

Chippewa County, Wisconsin is a dynamic and prosperous area, in perpetual renewal, fueled by a can do attitude, imagination, innovation, and community involvement.  We will lead the State of Wisconsin and the Upper Midwest with an innovative and sustainable economy, while attracting new innovative businesses and expertise, to enjoy our unique lifestyle.  CCEDC sets the standard in economic growth as a leader promoting investment (i.e. Foreign Direct Investment) and development in Western Wisconsin and is responsible for providing leadership for the economic growth strategy of Chippewa County.  
The primary mission of the CCEDC is to be a catalyst for economic development in Chippewa County and foster a strong economic environment which supports businesses and nurtures growth and new investment in the region.  CCEDC is dedicated to promoting and facilitating economic development and to improve the quality of life in Chippewa County by increasing its economic base.


Colleagues CCEDC staff members are our most valued prizes and assets.

Customer Service Our overall guiding principle is to provide all clients exceptional customer service.

Ethics A commitment to the highest standard of ethics is practiced in all of our business relationships.

Diverse CCEDC is results-oriented, innovative, and diverse in our activities.

Collaboration Through mutually beneficial relationships with stakeholders we create collaborative partnerships specifically with Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Chippewa County, post-secondary institutions, local school districts, villages, towns, and chambers of commerce.

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