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CCEDC recognizes the importance of infrastructure to job creation and innovation. This is more so in the fiber world-connectivity must be adequate to support our local governments, businesses and consumers emerging digital services and lifestyles. Chippewa County businesses like Bloomer Telephone and Citizens Connected have been on the forefront of investing in high speed digital services. While Chippewa Falls, has existing fiber service through local telecom companies, in 2016 Chippewa County took another step in improving Lake Wissota’s Business Park’s (LWBP) Infrastructure by extending gigabyte availability to current and future customers. Gigabit internet is a 1000 megabit per second internet connection. In today’s data-driven marketplace, the transfer of large quantities of information at high speed is an assett to many industries such as engineering, medical, financial, market research, and high-tech manufacturing. 

Click the link below to access Wisconsin's Broadband Network Maps:

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