Whether your business is brand-new or expanding, planning is essential. The toughest parts are doing the research, organizing the information, and taking the time to write a business plan. A completed and comprehensive business plan is the most critical part of your business and will:

•           Serve as your objective decision guide, reduce

•           Reduce costly trial and error,

•           Required by lenders if seeking financing

•           Can attract potential investors,

•           Greatly increases your chance of success!  

Click here for a downloadable information sheet on the topic of starting up and running a new business.

Wisconsin Business Registration Information

Wisconsin's One Stop Business Portal will assist you in registering your new business with multiple state agencies. When you have finished, your new business will be registered with:

•           The Department of Financial Institutions

•           The Department of Revenue

•           The Department of Workforce Development (if required).

The portal has been designed to be an easy step-through process where Wisconsin's businesses can find the requirements and tools they need to start a business in

Small Business Development Center 

Need more help with your business plan, or advice about running your business? The UWEC Small Business Development Center offers free or low-cost professional advice.


This network of volunteer entrepreneurs and retired executives provide free business counseling and advice.


If you are seeking assistance with starting up and/or running your small business CCEDC can assist you to get your business planning tools. CCEDC also provides opportunities to attend business development workshops and events. Contact the CCEDC office to discuss your business plans and get your idea moving forward! 

Business Plan Template

The first step to starting a business is writing a business plan. Use this link to download a business plan template. This will serve as a tool to help you navigate the process. Click here to download a business plan template for a business start-up.  

If you have an existing business and are interested in putting together a business plan - click here to download a business plan template for an existing business.