Connecting Today’s Employers with Tomorrow’s Workforce in Chippewa County

Employers and educators across the nation are exploring a new approach to ensure the next generation is workforce ready. Inspire Connections is a collaborative regional workforce initiative that connects students with local career and workforce options. Inspire benefits businesses, students, parents, and educators by connecting industry –educators-students- and families in one online hub.

People are most successful when their passions, interests, and skills are utilized in their professional roles. Inspire by Career Cruising works together with Career Cruising for K-12 to link students to local employers and community mentors, providing them with real world experience, enriching the local workforce and ultimately stimulating community growth. The sooner students understand their career passions, and the sooner employers can identify talent coming through the education system, the more effectively communities can retain and grow local talent, and the more prepared students can be for future careers.

Inspire Connections enhances the Career Cruising software system selected by Wisconsin’s Department of Public Instruction to help all Wisconsin schools fulfill the requirements of Academic and Career Planning (ACP) mandated by the state. This enhancement provides information on local career and industry opportunities into the ACP. It enables employers in our region to connect with educators, students and their parents, to inform them about careers and to nurture the future workforce through company profiles and learning opportunities.

Inspire Connections is designed to provide students with:

Successful Transition to the Workforce - Students face many transitions during their academic career. The most important and often most challenging transition is entering the workforce. Prepare them with experiences that connect them to real people and real employers in the community.

Opportunities for Engagement & Achievement - Students are engaged in learning and motivated to succeed when classroom achievement is directly connected to career possibilities. Every student has an individualized plan to prepare them for life beyond the classroom. Inspire provides students real-world opportunities to connect with employers and careers aligning to future career plans.

Future Ready Experiences-Real-world connections to mentors, employers, and community members help students explore real life possibilities. They engage with people who know first-hand what different careers are like, and test drive options for their future. Educators facilitate experience beyond the classroom to make students more future ready, while community members and local employers help mold the next generation of community builders

The Inspire platform is cloud-based, so employers can connect with students and career planners to communicate with one another safely and securely. Under common circumstances, it’s difficult for employers to know which local high school or community college students may be interested in entering their field, while it’s equally difficult for students to connect with local experts in their field of interest. Inspire breaks down these barriers, enabling employers and students to interact on many different levels.

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