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Chippewa River Distillery and BREWster Brothers Brewing Company are opening a new distillery and brewery on properties 402-406 River Street, Chippewa Falls- the former Celebrity Video & Tan location. Owner, James Stirn, a 15 year crafter brewer said this new location will be open once the about $1 million in renovations are completed, and the timeline for that is 6 months. The existing video store will be renovated into a bottling area and tasting room. A still room will be on the east side of the building. This new business will distribute their products, as well as having them available for sale in their on-site tasting room.

Chippewa River Distillery will begin operations by making 5-6 varieties of spirits that do not require aging and plan to work into producing aged products. BREWster Brothers Brewing will offer 4-8 varieties of craft beer. Plans to have the site open and available to the public are in November 2015.

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