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Certified in Wisconsin shovel ready program pre-certifies industrial sites as development ready. By certifying that sites meet common basic development requirements, it provides comfort to potential buyers looking to build quickly. Once a site is certified, all of the information a developer needs to make a quick decision, including utility and transportation infrastructure, environmental assessments and quality of labor, is provided, thus reducing the risk, cost, and time to get a project completed.    

The Lake Wissota Business Park, a 200+ acre, mixed use business park, in Chippewa Falls, WI.  Lake Wissota Business Park is a State of Wisconsin Certified Shovel Ready Business Park - shovel ready certification can decrease construction time up to 8 months on a project, and insures the customer that the site is ready and available for development.   

Click here to download the Lake Wissota Business Park flyer ad map of available locations 

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